It’s my pleasure to introduce Danielle Boissevain. 

Danielle is strength defined. Beauty and grace embodied. Slightly clumsy.  She has a big laugh and an even bigger heart. I might be a little biased because she’s actually my cousin but I think the world needs to know- as a young girl, looking up to this girl was phenomenal. I’m sure she stressed her parents out as a teenager but to me- she was everything. The coolest.

When we chatted about my blog initially, and I told Danielle I’d love to interview her, she wondered what on earth she could contribute. Afterall, she’s not exactly an entrepreneur or a business owner…  but the blog has morphed into a tapestry of telling the stories of strong women and she definitely fits the bill.

Danielle wears a few different hats but she is part of a gardening co-op at Highslope Acres, she has been known to be a friendly face serving in Illyria in Smithers, and a chef alongside the powerhouse Brandi Colins from Riverside Kitchen, among many other things!

I’m proud of the woman that Danielle is because she has had a life full of adventures, trying new things, and she never acts like there’s something she can’t do.  Currently she is a caretaker at a guest ranch here in Smithers, providing a comfy place for people and keeping their bellies warm with fantastic-drool-worthy food.

Danielle comes from a line of powerful, get *shit* done (sorry for the swear!) women. I’m grateful that our lines are linked and some of those women are my women too. I think that’s where her pioneer spirit comes from; I think we channel our mothers and grandmothers sometimes, without even knowing it.

Our girls will grow up together and hopefully will see our strength and know there’s nothing they can’t do.

Welcome to the table, Danielle!

How long have you called the Bulkley Valley home?

I have lived here in this beautiful valley on and off my whole life.  I ventured out to a few different places in my early twenties but then settled here when I was 23. 

What is one thing you’ve learned about friendship (or community)?

I’m a strong believer in a varied friend and acquaintance base. I’m really passionate about creating a more sustainable local food economy and love to help people make connections and collaborations!  As for friendship, having soul sisters is a big part of life for me. 

What is one area you are growing?

I am learning to grow and believe in myself, knowing it’s ok to make mistakes or fail but keep going and listen to my heart.  I am learning to believe that I have something worth sharing with the world.  

What is one thing you would tell your younger self?

Believe in yourself!!!  Don’t play small or let anyone dim your light!!

Who inspires you and why?

People that work hard and follow their dreams inspire me because they are living from the heart. 

What do you know to be true, and how do you carry that day to day?

Without rain, there are no flowers….

Life can be really hard sometimes but there is always light after the dark. And there has to be space for both to have a life well lived.