I’ve probably sort-of known Bobbie Kingsmill for most of my life. That’s the perk of a small town with families that have known each other for ages, but it wasn’t until I became a School Trustee for SD54 that I really got to know her.  Her official title is “Human Resources Administrator & Executive Assistant to the Superintendent of Schools” (that’s a mouthful!). I had a seat beside her at every board meeting and she helped me navigate the political landscape.

Why did I become a trustee? My favourite answer is that my friend Lara made me, but actually I wanted to put my hat in the ring because I felt like sometimes, we just need to say yes to things that frighten us. Being a trustee ended up being a really difficult 4 years for me but I hold firm that it helped shape me and gave me experiences that I will carry forward, and a bonus is the relationships I made that I still get to enjoy today.

Bobbie is no stranger to hard things. I won’t share her story here because it’s hers to tell, but I know that what was a very traumatic, life-changing event has shaped her into a kind, empathetic person.   She constantly shares about her two sons and gushes with pride for each of their many accomplishments, she is an unswervingly loyal mother and friend to many.

Welcome to the table, Bobbie!

How long have you called the Bulkley Valley home? 

46+ years. I moved away for a couple of years for post-secondary school, then moved back to make some money to move away again. But I met my husband and stayed put.

After 15 or so years we packed up our family of four and moved to Saskatchewan. After two years we moved back to Smithers. The Valley has a way of pulling you back.

What is one thing you’ve learned about friendship (or community)? 

Friends are the family you choose. I have a small friend-family circle that I hold very close to me.  I have a good number of acquaintances that I have met through work; volunteering in the community; through my children and from living in a small community that I hold in very high regard. Respectively, they each bring value and joy to my life.  

You never know the power of community until you need it. We found this out after our son was in his accident.  Our community came together to support us and we still will never be able to thank everyone enough.  The community still continues to provide that constant support to us to this day.

What is one area you are growing in?

Finding joy in my life every day. If it doesn’t bring me joy, I don’t do it. 

What is one thing you would say to your younger self?

Only one? Lol!

Exercise is really not that bad…. unless you’re running stairs… then it’s bad 😉  Don’t be afraid to try, if it fails for some reason, learn the lesson and try something else.  

Who inspires you and why?

My children continue to inspire me every day. They both aren’t afraid to work hard for their goals or dreams. 

I started to listen to Dr. Jody Carrington during the pandemic and she has inspired me in so many ways. But mainly she has made me laugh through the “pandy”.   

What do you know is true, and how do you carry that day to day? 

“Life does not put things in front of you that you are unable to handle” – Author unknown 

I live by this quote every day. Some days are hard but you will get through it. Breathe, learn the lesson and move on. Start fresh tomorrow