Kristin Anderson is the Planer Quality Control Supervisor at Pacific Inland Resources in Smithers. She is the first woman to be promoted to a management position for the Planer and the Sawmill, not to mention she’s only 30. It is very exciting to see a woman in a particularly male-driven industry succeeding and making a place for herself.

Kristin grew up in Smithers but left for her last 2 years of high school to play competitive hockey for a women’s team in Prince George.  Aside from those couple of years, Kristin is proud to call Smithers home. 

I happen to live across the street from Kristin so I see how hard-working she is but I also know that she’s very kind and friendly to everyone, and has a fantastic sense of humour. I am so excited to have her as a guest and for everyone to get to know her. 

Welcome to the table, Kristin!

How long have you called the Bulkley Valley home? 

I am fortunate enough to call the Bulkley Valley home for all my life.

What is one thing you’ve learned about friendship (or community)? 

I feel a great sense of community in our town but especially in our little neighbourhood. There’s no better feeling that walking outside your door excited to send a big wave or a quick “hi neighbour”.  Especially in times like these, your neighbours truly become part of your family.

What is one area you are growing in?

I am continually gaining mental strength and confidence because of my job. I have already managed to accomplish things that I never thought I would have been able to.

What is one thing you would say to your younger self?

Being vulnerable often leads to empowerment. Don’t be afraid to show who you are, emotions and all, you are much stronger than you think.

Who inspires you and why?

My mom. She is incredibly strong mentally and physically- she never gives up.

Her loving, supportive demeanor has helped shape me who I am today. Of course, I can’t forget about my husband and my dad, they have to be my biggest supporters, keeping me level headed and for that it inspires me to take what they teach me and hope to share the knowledge for someone else who needs it.

Calvin Elliott (Planer Superintendent)- He saw my potential and believed in me. He, myself and others are striving to change the male-dominate industry to be more diverse and I just think it is so fantastic.

I’m truly inspired by all the ladies I have met throughout West Fraser that I see succeeding in their roles and quite frankly all the ladies in my life that are successful; from ER nurses to moms raising their children. Everyone succeeding and doing what they love… that’s inspiring.

What do you know is true, and how do you carry that day to day? 

Doing the right thing, sometimes it may be unfavourable but also typically means there’s a lesson to be learned so learn from it and move on. Always be honest and speak up when need be.