Amanda Dorscht is the owner of Creative Roots Performing Arts. She has spent the last 10 years pouring her time, talents and treasures into many young boys and girls, creating a ripple effect in families and encouraging the wonder of dance. 

Personally, all of my kids have spent time under Amanda’s guidance, but my middle daughter Holly is the one who has been captivated the most.  She barely can get through any chore because she dances from point A to point B, which creates tension for me but also brings her a lot of joy.

Amanda has fostered an environment where people are accepted, encouraged to grow and be their best selves, where standards are high but not unreasonable.  The dancers know what is expected of them but they also have a great time and create life-long friendships. 

I don’t know Amanda super well so I reached out to a few people who do know her- and they all said the same thing. Amanda is kind, creative, forward-thinking and encourages her dancers to excel. She’s a positive thinker and has a great life attitude. It’s pretty special to have Amanda (along with the other wonderful dance teachers in the company) pouring into our kids.  She provides a place where our kids can grow in skill, and self-confidence. The Bulkley Valley is lucky to have her!

Welcome to the table, Amanda!

How long have you called the Bulkley Valley home?

I have been here for 10 years now. I am so happy to call Smithers my home.

What is one thing you have learned about community (or friendship?)

The one thing I have learned about the community is that we all support each other. Everyone is willing to help out no matter what- even if you do not know them personally. From neighbours watching out for each other, to businesses donating to those in need. In-person cheerleaders and online support. Everyone wants to see everyone succeed and be loved. 

What is one area you are growing in?

I am growing by living outside of my comfort zone. I am challenging myself to take chances, try new activities, and speak my mind. Becoming more creative in how I do business has also been a growing experience. Changing my mindset and taking chances with business opportunities has helped me personally as well as the studio to grow!

What is one thing you would tell your younger self?

The one thing I would tell my younger self is to travel. The world is full of so many incredible places and people that are waiting for you to experience. Don’t worry about work or money- just point to a place on a map and GO.

Who inspires you, and why?

Currently, I am inspired by Brian and Brooke- my running pack. We are training for a marathon and I admire their focus and never-ending energy. During each training run, they both show up with the most positive attitudes and drive to do the best they can. They are so supportive when training gets tough and they cheer everyone on to keep pushing through. Through their hard work, they have improved so much as runners and I look up to them to push myself to do better. They both have become my closest friends and I can’t imagine running, or taking on life, without them.

What do you know to be true, and how do you carry that day to day?

Hard work pays off. No matter what that looks like to you, when you put effort into anything, it will be worth it. Growth happens when you put work into whatever project, goal, relationship, or dream you have. It may take time, and that’s ok! Keep striving to do your very best and put your best effort into it, and great things happen!